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Web Project

The Decisive Network

Analysing the Magnum Photo Agency

We worked with Yale University's Digital Humanities Lab to analyze the Magnum Photographic Agency's role in shaping post-war visual culture.

Web Project

User Analytics

Ecommerce Benchmarking with Klaviyo

Partnering with eCommerce experts at Klaviyo, we created an interactive digital exhibit that explores user shopping behaviors in eCommerce marketplaces.

Mobile App

Eat Together

Grow your professional network over lunch

Working with design partners Ego Creative, we created a mobile app that partners professionals for meet and greet lunches.

Mobile App


Creating a digital network of globetrotters

We worked with Vintoux to create a social media app in which travelers can recommend share their favorite destinations with loved ones and friends.

Data Science Project

Charting International Workforce Creation

Using data science to understand economic trends

Working with Linc Local, we created analytics software to help researchers study patterns in localized workforce creation.

Data Science Project


Plotting Massive Image Collections with WebGL

We worked with Yale University's Digital Humanities Lab to create an open source WebGL package that organizes hundreds of thousands of images into intuitive scatterplots

Our Team
Scott came to Aloha Interactive as a senior software engineer after years working in academia and other small development firms. Scott is known to go deep on technical problems. Like real deep.
Ryan joined Aloha Interactive as a software engineer to combine his long-standing interest in web technologies with a growing interest in exotic machine learning. His specialties include interface design and data visualization. Ryan has also been known to shred the gnar.
Lillian cofounded Aloha Interactive with Everett to help bring more light and love to the internets. Her background in studio arts and photography make her the best visual director a team could hope to have. She also likes yellow birds and Yuka.
Everett cofounded Aloha Interactive with Lillian to help bring more interesting and experimental applications to the www's. He is chiefly interested in combining machine learning with ambitious interface design. If you attend a dinner party with him, he is guaranteed to ask whether you know any good riddles.